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Retails System

"Every Business has different needs"
We provide a cost-effective solution "Retail Portal System" (RPS) which has a complete Accounting System which consists of Billing + Invoicing + Point of sales + Sales order + Quotation + Purchase order + Stock control system + Cheque Writer that suit for every business. Our POS software completes customer transactions and manages other business processes like inventory management and Accounting. RPS is designed to manage business operations efficiently.

Business Type: Retail Business.

F&B POS System

"Truly Your Needs"
Our POS Software best suited for Food & Beverage, food & beverage chains, restaurants integrated software, food court, and cafeteria etc. It provides a perfect solution for F&B Industry. We develop a system to help on manage table plan, inventory, sales, customers, suppliers, reports, staffs and etc. Besides, it is user friendly and users can be trained up in minutes, stock can be tracked down to the nearest measure.

Business Type: Restaurants & Coffee Shops

Payroll System

"Only The Best"
Our payroll system has included all the government 2018 payroll statutory requirements such as EPF, SOCSO, SIP, PCB AND HRDF that need to compute monthly salary or wages of employees. It has a unique work flow of payroll calculation which covers most of the government statutory requirements. Besides, it also incorporated with Auto Bank E-payments for company's monthly Payroll, EPF, SOCSO, PCB AUTO E-Submission. Our Payroll System is officially approved by Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (IRBM).

Business Type: Manufacturers & Human Resources Supply Company.

Accounting System

Most of the local accounting software is more of a book keeping tool but our Accounting also incorporates management accounting. In addition, any user with minimal or no accounting knowledge can operate this system successfully because of its "form-filling" method of entering transactions as oppose to "batch entry". We provide a wide range of accounting packages that interlinks with the POS SYSTEM to cater for automation and smoother flow of operation to your head office management. Our software is GST and SST compliance and is approved by Royal Malaysian Customs Dept(RMCD). We offer 3 version ranging from following:

Basic : Accounting + Billing
Standard : Accounting + Billing +Stock
Professional : Accounting + Billing + Stock +POS
Business Type: Accounting Firm, SME.