CTC Integrated Software Engineering Sdn Bhd can assist you with hardware services. CTC is committed to provide different types of services to meet our customers' needs such as hardware procurement. This is to provide customer with a high level of service at a low cost to the business. There are often updating, upgrading or growing with the changes to the business and the technology landscape. We can first of all make sure any investment you make is the right one for your needs and fits within a budget.


⋄ Acer
⋄ HP


⋄Branded Desktops
⋄Customized Desktops


⋄ Barcode Printer
⋄Dot Matrix Printer
⋄ Inkjet Printer
⋄ Laser Printer
⋄Mini Printer
⋄ Receipt Printer
⋄ Ink
⋄ Toner

PC Components

⋄ Graphic Card
⋄ Internal Storage
⋄I/O Device
⋄ Motherboard
⋄ PC Casing
⋄Power Supply
⋄ Processor


⋄ Email Server
⋄ Account Server


⋄ Adapter/Charger
⋄POS Accessories
⋄ Battery Bank
⋄Cable, Connector, Convertor
⋄Card, Card Reader
⋄ CD/DVD, DVD Writer
⋄Cleaning Kit
⋄Computer Paper
⋄ Cooling Pad
⋄ Networking
⋄Hub, Plug, Port, Socket
⋄ Projector
⋄ Speaker
⋄Uninterruptible Power Supply