We offer PC, laptop, server and network maintenance which ensure customer's device and network operates smoothly. We also make sure that customer's device and network will not break down suddenly.

⋄ Disk space utilization
⋄ Defragmentation of hard drives
⋄ Troubleshoot hardware and software issues
⋄ Temporary internet files purging
⋄ Installed software checkups
⋄ Check log files
⋄ Install necessary updates and service packs and more.
⋄ Checking switches
⋄ Checking hubs
⋄ Checking routers
⋄ Checking print servers
⋄ Checking printers
⋄ Checking firewall rules
⋄ Checking firewall logs
⋄ Updating firewall operating system
⋄ Checking UPS's and more.
⋄ Checking server log files
⋄ Applying necessary service packs and updates
⋄ Checking hard disk space
⋄ Checking core file and folder permission
⋄ Checking complete security
⋄ Checking application functionality
⋄ Checking redundancy
⋄ Recommending necessary software and hardware upgrades
⋄ Check backups and more.