We provide server & desktop virtualisation to help customers' business. We provide solutions such as :

⋄ Run multiple operating systems on a single computer including Windows, Linux and more to reduce device's cost.
⋄ Get more out of your existing resources to minimise capital costs by increasing energy efficiency and requiring less hardware and increasing your server to admin ratio
⋄ Reduce data centre costs by reducing your physical infrastructure and improving your server to admin ratio
⋄ Increase availability of hardware and applications for improved business continuity
⋄ Gain operational flexibility
⋄ Improve manageability and security
⋄ Current network redesign and assessment
⋄ Subnet and network segmentation
⋄ Disaster Recovery planning and implementation
⋄ DMZ planning and implementation
⋄ Upgrading network backbones
⋄ Subnet expansion and analysis
⋄ WAN bandwidth upgrades
⋄ Management of ISP changeover
⋄ Migration from pop3 to centralised email system
⋄ Server room enhancements
⋄ Data centre upgrades and maintenance
⋄ Installation of brand new networks
⋄ Redesign of existing networks
⋄ Installation of wired and wireless networks
⋄ Coordination of office IT infrastructure relocation
⋄ Server room setup and maintenance